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  • Pivot - Switchblade 2017

    Matte Black
    Gloss Blue
    GX1 $2700
    XT $3000
    XO1 EAGLE $4200
    XTR $4500
    XX1 EAGLE $4900
    PIKE RCT3 $1100
    36 FACTORY $1619

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    Purpose-built to meet the demands of enduro and aggressive trail riding, Pivot’s Switchblade is a versatile ripper with a huge advantage no matter where you shred. As a long travel 29er, the Switchblade is a next-level enduro bike that begs for fast, steep and technical trails. As a 27.5+ machine, the Switchblade combines spider-man traction with the shortest chainstays in the category for the ultimate all-terrain, all-conditions ride.



      From the very beginning of our engineering process, the Switchblade was designed to accommodate multiple wheelsizes, and it is this advanced planning that enables us to get so many great features into one unstoppable ride. At the heart of the Switchblade’s dual personality is a full carbon chassis featuring Pivot’s new long and low geometry combined with ultra short, huge clearance chainstays (up to 1cm shorter than the closest competitor). Putting these two holy grails of bike design into a single frame design means that riders will experience both unmatched high-speed stability through chunky terrain and effortless split-second manuals over seemingly impossible obstacles in one amazing machine. - See more at:

    Pivot’s frame shapes are 100% driven by our pursuit of the perfectly tuned ride, the cleanest design, the strongest product and the lightest possible weight. With our own hollow core, internal, high compression carbon molding process we can deliver on the performance requests of our top athletes by finding the perfect combination of composite materials and shapes for that perfect balance of strength, stiffness and the ultimate ride quality. - See more at:

    The Switchblade incorporates a Phoenix DH-inspired double wishbone rear triangle and ultra- stiff linkage design, the same design used in the Mach 6 Carbon, resulting in the absolute stiffest frameset available in the trail category – giving you precise control and the ability to tackle new terrain every time you ride. - See more at: